Demika - Self Locking Clasp
600 Harbor Blvd. Suite #1022
Weehawken NJ 07086
Welcome to Our mission is to make jewelry wearing more enjoyable
Jewelry Clasps you can fasten securely in seconds... even with gloves on!
Patented Earring Backs that hold your earrings upright & prevent drooping
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WELCOME to Demika® Designs, a company established by an internationally known sculptor with the mission of making jewelry more attractive and jewelry-wearing more enjoyable.

Our patented self-locking clasps were designed to solve the most common and frustrating problem that jewelry wearers have with necklaces & bracelets. They have earned recognition as the world's easiest-to-fasten, most secure and attractive clasps made today. They are favored by designers of the finest jewelry, who want the very best to complement their beautiful creations.

Our ClickSecure® earring backs are easier to handle, provide superior support and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your favorite earrings are secure and properly positioned to look their best.

We hope you enjoy your visit and welcome your comments!